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My teaching philosophy is a simple, straight-forward, fundamental approach. I believe that almost all swing problems are derived from a flaw in the starting position or setup. The success that I've had with students has always been based on a relentless pursuit of a solid setup position and building club head awareness. I spend a tremendous amount of time on grip to ensure the best chance for proper impact.

The next step is teaching the aim of the club head, complimenting it with parallel body lines. Then often the most difficult job is smoothly moving from setup into a completed back swing. To create this position, I use many different teaching aides and tools.  

Once the back swing has been established, the downswing and strike point have to be monitored. In the golfer's perfect world the downswing would be nothing more than a reflex action to square the club and ball. As easy as this seems, this seldom happens. Delivering the club to the ball consistently, even from a perfect back swing, is a feat that only a very few players have accomplished. The difference between a 10-yard faded ball and a 10-yard draw is so minute that drilling blade awareness into the student's swing is a must.  

Lastly, the finish position is an indicator that he or she has maintained proper balance and gives a polished look.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you accomplish your golf game goals

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