billGreg Hiller has become a very accomplished golf instructor in his young career. Greg's teaching has been enhanced by his success playing the game. He has intentionally surrounded himself with very well respected individuals in the gold community who have positively influenced him as a gold professional. He has a good grasp on all facets of the golf business.

Bill Rogers Touring professional, 1981 British Open Champion.

gibbyI have known Greg for over 15 years. We have worked together on my golf game at length. This includes all aspects of the game from the full swing to putting and the short game. I am 64 years old and have gone from a 16 handicap to an 8 handicap under Greg's tutelage. He is an expert club fitter regardless of the brand one thinks is right for their eye. Greg understands the game from stem to stern and passes all of that knowledge to his pupils effortlessly and in a way that can be used by anyone. I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in getting all they can get out of their gold game. Beyond his golf expertise, Greg is a wonderful person and someone you will ant as a friend.

Gilbert R. Meadows M.D.

Greg Hiller is a golf professional in San Antonio who has the unique talent to be a quality player and a quality coach. Over the years he has demonstrated a talent for playing the game at a very high level. He seeks out the best coaches to help him play better and has used their expert training to add to his own knowledge so he can pass it on to others. I consider Greg to a very high quality individual. He is dedicated to improvement whether it is his own or his students. His diverse and extensive knowledge of the game, the swing, and equipment is a rare combination in the golf industry.

Jim Hofmeister PGA Master Professional: VP Engineering, Henry-Griffitts Limited, Henry-Griffitts Master Gold Clubfitter

meghanI came to Mr. Hiller my freshman year of college and Sam Houston State University. My dad had suggested I see him to get another opinion on my golf game. Now three years later, I am glad the Mr. Hiller has been around for my college career. He has taught me a lot about my swing and game that I didn't know before. I can now realize what is going on in my swing without needing a lesson once things start to go south. He has also helped me out tremendously with my short game and putting. During lessons we would go out on the course and try different shots and chips that I might encounter and learn how to hit them so one a tournament comes, I will feel comfortable with that shot. He also fit me into an Edler putter about 18 months ago and my putting has improved greatly! His approach to the mental game is also one that really improved my game. Many times I have come to him for help and really my mentality and thinking that was off. He has taught me how to think my way around the course and how to even cope with coaches and teammates.

More importanly, Mr. Hiller takes the time to really know what is going on and forms a relationship with his students. he goes above and beyond golf and gets on a personal level where I feel really comfortable around him.

A time that really sticks out in my mind that Mr. Hiller really helped me was my sophomore year right before the conference championship. I wasn't playing well in tournaments that season and I was starting to get worried as conference was coming up. I decided to come back home for a lesson a few weeks before the tournament to figure out why I wasn't playing well. Mr. Hiller and I spent all weekend together working out a few kinks in my golf swing but also my mental game. Leaving that weekend, I felt very confident going into that tournament and ended up placing in the top 5 individually! This would not have happened if it weren’t for Mr. Hiller. As I enter my final season of college, I look back and know that I wouldn't be the player I am without Mr. Hiller and I will definitely continue to work with him as I begin to think about taking the next step to the professional level with my game.

Meghan Musk Collegiate Women's Golfer Sam Houston State University

daleAfter a lifetime of reading golf magazines, watching the golf channel, and taking the occasional lesson here and there I started working with Greg Hiller. I'm extremely pleased with the progress I've made. There isn't a part of my game that is not light years ahead of where it was last year at this time. Today when I prepare to hit a shot, I have a plan and the fundamental knowledge of what to do to execute it, thanks to Greg.

Dale Garne 900 Global Sales & Marketing

tyeI am so thankful to have found a swing coach who can look at my skill set, and who will work with what I have rather than trying to CHANGE my swing to fit the perception of a "perfect swing". Not only has Greg signficantly decreased my golf scores he has developed my course management skills. Since beginning my work with Greg, I have went from having one top ten position in a year to having two wins and a third place finish in four months. I would recommend Greg to every type of player, beginner, intermediate, or pro.

Tye Smith